New blood clot guidelines dispel myth that flying economy-class increases your chances of dangerous blood clots. Three new studies examine how Facebooking can hurt self-esteem when falling into the trap of social comparison. Another reason to quit smoking- new evidence suggests it can take a toll on memory. Wal-Mart plans to use simple labels to help shoppers more easily identify healthier foods, Tuesday, February 7, 2012.

The Associated Press – Blood Clot Guidelines Challenge Economy Class Risk
Good news for budget-minded travelers: There’s no proof that flying economy-class increases your chances of dangerous blood clots, according to new guidelines from medical specialists.

CBS News – Dementia should be detected by family earlier, experts say
“How are you?” the doctor asks a patient with brewing dementia. The patient answers that she is fine. But is this enough?

Foxs News Facebook with care: Social networking site can hurt self-esteem
Facebook’s initial public offering of stock is likely to make a lot of developers and designers of the site very wealthy. But for many users, frequent Facebooking may not be so beneficial. According to three new studies, Facebook can be tough on mental health, offering an all-too-alluring medium for social comparison and ill-advised status updates.

ABC News – Smoking Slows Memory, Reasoning in Middle-Aged Men
New evidence suggests that smoking isn’t only bad for the body but can also take a toll on the mind. A study published today in the Archives of General Psychiatry linked smoking to faster, more dramatic age-related mental decline in men.

USA Today – Obama to increase Alzheimer’s research funding
The Obama administration is set to announce a plan to spend more than half a billion dollars on Alzheimer’s research next year, the Associated Press reports.

MSNBC – Wal-Mart plans simple label to identify healthier foods
Wal-Mart is unveiling a simple icon that it says will help consumers make a snap decision about whether a food is healthy, without delving into the nitty-gritty of the nutrition label.