Dr. Georges Benjamin discusses the Affordable Care Act on Radio Row

APHA Executive Director Georges Benjamin took to the airwaves Thursday to remind listeners of the importance of the Affordable Care Act.

“Universal health care is important for any society to thrive,” Benjamin told one radio talk show host. “Forty-four thousand people die every year, simply because they don’t have health insurance. This is a matter of survival for all of us.”

Benjamin’s interview was one of more than a dozen he did as part of Families USA’s Radio Row, a daylong lineup of health reform interviews with a range of radio hosts, including Andre Egelletion of “US Talk Network,” Mike Malloy of the “Mike Malloy Show” and Davey D of “Hard Knock Radio.”

Addressing the next steps of the Affordable Care Act, Benjamin made clear the goals of universal health care during his interviews.

“The idea is to begin to move our health system upstream so we’re dealing with prevention as a primary thought versus fixing things after they break,” he said when speaking with Federal News Radio host Jason Fornicola. “It’s always been that way with your car, your house and anything else you break, so why wouldn’t it be that way with your body?”

The radio lineup was part of Families USA’s three-day annual conference, Health Action 2013. The conference, held in Washington, D.C. and which ends Saturday, is addressing implementation and challenges of the Affordable Care Act and engaging state and national leaders, health care and policy professionals and advocates.