Serving children meals on a smaller plate could help prevent obesity; according to WHO, the bird flu in China is not a cause for panic; and Obama must now make a choice about age limits with the morning-after pill. Read these and more public health news stories for April 8, 2013. – To help prevent obesity, give your kid a smaller plate
Sometimes, the best ideas are the simplest ones.
If there’s anything we need some good ideas for, it’s childhood obesity. A third of US kids are overweight or obese (nearly one in five is obese), and this has huge (excuse the pun) implications for their future health. Unless we do something, they are likely to end up with heart disease, diabetes, cancer and all the other health problems (not to mention the social and emotional problems) that obesity can bring. This is the first generation that may actually die before their parents.

Politico – Obamacare becomes GOP weapon in Medicaid battle
Republican governors are wielding an unlikely weapon to force Medicaid changes they’ve been talking about for years.
The weapon? Obamacare.
Conservatives who hate President Barack Obama’s health law have been agitating to convert Medicaid into a no-strings-attached block grant for states since the Reagan era. That effort died — or at least got put on indefinite hold — with Obama’s reelection. But red-state governors see another chance to ram through some of the changes they seek. Ironically, their opening was created by the health law’s Medicaid expansion.

Yahoo News – China’s bird flu outbreak no cause for panic: WHO
A strain of bird flu that has been found in humans for the first time in eastern China is no cause for panic, the World Health Organization said on Monday, as the number of people infected rose to 24, with seven deaths.
WHO praised China for mobilising resources nationwide to combat the H7N9 flu strain by culling tens of thousands of birds and monitoring hundreds of people close to those infected.

The Atlantic – 24,000 U.S. women become infertile every year from undiagnosed STIs
A lot of the sexually-transmitted infection trend stories we read right now talk about nursing homes as petri dishes. Still STIs remain primarily afflictions of the young. The CDC reminds us of that today with easy-to-share infographics.

Huffington Post – Obama faces choice on morning-after pill restrictions
President Barack Obama supports requiring girls younger than 17 to see a doctor before buying the morning-after pill. But fighting that battle in court comes with its own set of risks.
A federal judge in New York on Friday ordered the Food and Drug Administration to lift age restrictions on the sale of emergency contraception, ending the requirement that buyers show proof they’re 17 or older if they want to buy it without a prescription.
The ruling accused the Obama administration in no uncertain terms of letting the president’s pending re-election cloud its judgment when it set the age limits in 2011.