While dogs are busy fulfilling the role of man’s best friend, perhaps they can also help us humans prepare for an emergency. That’s the idea behind APHA’s Get Ready campaign’s latest push to make the public more aware of the importance of having an emergency stockpile, getting a flu shot and other ways of being prepared before disaster strikes.

“We all think our dogs are the cutest, so this contest is a great way to put their best paws forward all while encouraging people to think about preparedness,” said Susan Polan, associate executive director of APHA and Get Ready campaign director.

The Pup-Preparedness Photo Contest rules are simple. Just submit a photo of your furry canine friend and include a suggested caption about a preparedness topic. Deadline is May 3. The most photogenic dogs — and the photos with the best quality, applicability to preparedness and general appeal — will be featured in a Get Ready calendar that will be available at APHA’s next Annual Meeting in Boston and at other locations.

The Get Ready website features a gallery of sample dog photos as well as additional information about the contest. “Pup-Preparedness” comes on the heels of Get Ready’s wildly successful cat photo contest.