Do you love your mother? Well, she deserves more than $3 Hallmark card.

Give her a preparedness e-present instead!

It’s almost Mother’s Day, and APHA’s Get Ready team built on its successful Valentine’s Day e-cards with timely new ones, tailored just for moms. They make the perfect gift for the most special lady in your life — not only do our e-cards show her that you care, emergency preparedness can save her life.

Which of our e-cards do you like most? Click on the image and send it to mummy:

Mother's Day - Get Ready Recipe CardMom, I know you love chocolate … but nothing says ‘I love you!’ like this preparedness pudding;




Mother's Day - Get Ready Mom Stockpile CardI don’t know what I’d do without you, Mom. Let’s make a stockpile so I know that you’ll be ok in a disaster; or



Mother's Day - Get Ready Heat Wave CardMom, you are the sunshine of my life. Let’s make sure you know how to protect yourself from a heat wave.



Now you’ll only need to “prepare” for a big hug.