Science Recorder – Nearly 20 percent of designated drivers are impaired, study finds
Disturbingly, new research described in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs reveals that 20 percent of “designated drivers” are impaired even though they have volunteered to drive their friends home from a party or bar. The study revealed that about 40 percent of designated drivers had consumed alcohol and that many of them had blood alcohol levels that made it much too unsafe for them to drive.

Scientific American – Saudi silence on deadly MERS virus outbreak frustrates world health experts
Over the next few weeks officials at the World Health Organization (WHO) face a tough and politically charged call. The Muslim month of fasting, Ramadan, begins July 9 and could draw as many as two million people from around the globe to the holy sites of Saudi Arabia in a pilgrimage called umrah. But a new disease, called Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome, or MERS, could threaten them.

Boston Globe – Boston schools might offer condoms
The Boston School Committee is considering a policy change that would make condoms available to high school students across the city to prevent teenage pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted infections.
The move would mark a dramatic shift in philosophy for the city’s public school system, where only a limited number of high schools that have health centers can hand out condoms.

Christian Science Monitor – Obama touts California as health-care reform model. Will costs really fall?
President Obama used a visit to California Friday to promote his health-care reform law as widening access to affordable insurance.
Critics, however, say the law will push health premiums up, not down, and many Americans appear to share that worry.

Reuters – Kids’ repeat concussions may mean longer recovery
Young people may take longer to recover after their second or third concussion, a new study suggests.
Researchers typically believe the average athlete needs up to two weeks to stop having symptoms – such as headaches and memory problems – after a concussion.

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