LATimes – Supreme Court rejects gene patents
The Supreme Court ruled that human genes are a product of nature and cannot be patented and held for profit, a decision that medical experts said will lead to more genetic testing for cancers and other diseases and to lower costs for patients.

Politico – Jan Brewer wins Medicaid expansion in Arizona
Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer muscled her way to victory in her crusade for Medicaid expansion Thursday, outmaneuvering conservative opposition to push through a key piece of President Barack Obama’s agenda.

Star-Ledger – America’s public health emergency: A Q&A on gun violence
Six months ago today, the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting left us with endless questions about gun violence.

Arizona Republic – Public Health is a Priority
Public health historically has been at the forefront in initiation and in demonstrations of specific programs in participation with the private sector that eventually are adopted as community standards of care.

Columbus Dispatch – Federal cuts to Ohio’s public-health programs add up to $8.5 million
State officials yesterday warned local health departments that federal sequestration cuts will affect public-health programs.

New York Times – Rethinking the Twice-Yearly Dentist Visit
For decades, dentists have urged all adults to schedule preventive visits every six months. But a new study finds that annual cleanings may be adequate for adults without certain risk factors for periodontal disease while people with a high risk may need to go more often.