LATimes – We’re exercising more but still fighting obesity, study shows
Americans are exercising more, but that has not done much to slim their waistlines, underscoring the immense challenge confronting doctors and health advocates fighting the nation’s obesity crisis.

USA Today – Cities where wages are plummeting
The average U.S. worker was paid $1,000 per week as of the fourth quarter of 2012. This is, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a 4.7% increase from 2011.

USA Today – House passes farm bill; strips out food-stamp program
House lawmakers approved a scaled-back version of the farm bill Thursday after stripping out the popular food-stamp program used by 48 million Americans.

NBC News – FDA to Set New Arsenic Level in Apple Juice
The Food and Drug Administration is setting a new limit on the level of arsenic allowed in apple juice.

National Journal – How the Sequester Hurts Poor People
The federal government’s across-the-board sequestration cuts, which began taking effect in March, may seem like an overhyped piece of political theater—that is, unless you’re an unemployed adult living in Michigan.

Washington Post – The healthiest regions in the United States
In analyzing the nation’s health across three different categories — lifespan, obesity and physical activity — the good news comes with the bad. Men are generally living longer, but in a few select counties, women’s lifespans are decreasing.