NPRA Warm Winter Helped Fuel West Nile Outbreak In Dallas
West Nile virus looked like it was waning as a health threat, with the number of cases dropping each year. Then last summer, it roared back. The number of people infected with the mosquito-borne illness suddenly spiked in 2012. And Dallas was hit hardest of all.

CNNHeat over Northeast kills 6
Heat in the Northeast has taken at least six lives, health officials say. Five have died in Maryland over the course of the summer of heat-related causes; one man died last week in New York.

Huffington PostEnding Food Ignorance: Education Is Too Important to Leave to Big Food
The anti-hunger group Feeding America estimates that elementary school students receive just 3.4 hours of nutrition education — actual education and not marketing — each year. Fewer than 25 percent of high school students take any family and consumer science classes, formerly known as home economics, and those classes are often the first to go when school budgets are trimmed.

NBC NewsCoronavirus isn’t a global emergency, WHO committee says
The Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS) is not a “public health emergency of international concern”, the emergency committee of the World Health Organization said on Wednesday. The committee, which held its second private teleconference on Wednesday, can make recommendations on travel and trade, disease surveillance, as well as the exchange of data.

Washington Post – NYC mayor Bloomberg airs proposals to encourage new health push: Take the stairs
He proposed Wednesday to tweak the building code to promote using stairs, including by requiring new buildings and major renovations to have a stairway open for non-emergency use and by allowing them to keep stairwell doors open most of the time. They’re part of a push to promote “active design,” or shaping the built environment to encourage physical activity.

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