HRSA's Sarah Linde

Sarah Linde, chief public health officer at the Health Resources and Services Administration, discusses the “Care Counts” challenge, which offers $25,000 in prizes to people who can design a tool that improves women’s access to health information. Photo by HRSA.

Women make approximately 80 percent of their family’s health decisions, making it imperative that they can access the health information they need. The Health Resources and Services Administration plans to teach women specifically how to understand the Affordable Care Act, and is offering the general public $25,000 to help its cause.

With its contest on, HRSA is seeking submissions through Aug. 30 for “an innovative, educational tool that informs women about enrollment in their state’s Marketplace as well as key provisions of the Affordable Care Act designed specifically to improve their health and that of their families.” The tool can take the form of a communication in print, social media or other online channels.

The competition calls for at least two people age 18 or older and not employed by the federal government to compete for one of four prizes, including:

  • first place English print, Web-based or social media, worth $7,500;
  • second place English print, Web-based or social media, worth $5,000;
  • first place Spanish print, Web-based or social media, worth $7,500; and
  • second place Spanish print, Web-based or social media, worth $5,000.

Along with reaching women, the challenge highlights the agency’s goal to teach the Health Insurance Marketplace — the portal where people in every U.S. state can obtain health coverage, starting Oct. 1 — to as many Americans as possible. Contest winners will be announced on Dec. 31, one day before health coverage under the ACA will become accessible in select U.S. states.

For contest rules, visit “Care Counts: Educating Women and Families” online.