APHA Get Ready Day Mini-Information Fair

APHA hosts a mini-information fair on Get Ready Day.

APHA invited neighboring offices in Washington, D.C., and communities around the country today to celebrate Get Ready Day and the importance of emergency preparedness. Through fact sheets, food and fun, communities were reminded to get ready – at APHA headquarters and beyond.

Throughout the day, more than 150 visitors from nearby offices and the surrounding community received resources and played games at APHA’s mini information fair, while the American Red Cross administered a second annual blood drive where APHA reached a goal of collecting 20 pints of blood.

APHA also hosted an in-office emergency preparedness potluck, which offered a taste of recipes that could be made in an emergency. From “Lights Out S’mores” to “Blackout Bruschetta,” co-workers sampled foods they could make from their own emergency stockpiles with no power or water.

As the week continues, staff members will also continue to collect food donations with other offices in the neighborhood for APHA’s community food drive. Thus far, more than 250 pounds of food have been collected as staff members collect items for an area food bank.

APHA hosts a blood drive for Get Ready Day

While APHA keeps busy during Get Ready Day and National Preparedness Month, many others throughout the nation are encouraging preparedness as well:

Tell us what you did to get ready and what you plan to do for the rest of National Preparedness Month. Need ideas? Visit the Get Ready campaign online.