APHA webinarMaking a plan: Partnerships for transforming community health through city planning
On Friday, Sept. 27 at 2:30 p.m. EST, join APHA for a discussion on public health collaboration. Successful partnerships are at the core of both public health and planning practice. With the right partners at the table, more change can happen faster and with greater satisfaction for communities. But how do we get planners to work with public health professionals? One answer: it takes leadership at the highest level. In this webinar, Planning Directors and Health Commissioners from Austin, TX and Baltimore, MD will pair up to discuss how they are building bridges between their departments and working to transform their approach to complex problems like chronic disease.

BBC NewsAfternoon naps aid children’s learning
Getting young children to take an hour-long nap after lunch could help them with their learning by boosting brain power, a small study suggests. A nap appeared to help three-to-five-year-olds better remember pre-school lessons, US researchers said. University of Massachusetts Amherst researchers studied 40 youngsters and report their findings in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Fox NewsCruz facing opposition from GOP leaders over ‘defund Obamacare’ plan
Republican Sen. Ted Cruz was running into roadblocks from his own party as he tried to block the Senate from altering a bill that would strip funding for ObamaCare, with a test vote teed up for Wednesday. Cruz is trying to preserve a House-passed bill that would defund the health care law while funding the government past Sept. 30. Cruz, however, has charted an unusual course – because he’s worried that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will strip the language on ObamaCare, Cruz is calling on his colleagues to block the House bill, even though he supports it.

ReutersAmericans say they’re creatures of simple, solo exercise habits
Exercise trends come and go as step aerobics yield to interval training, weight machines are tossed for medicine balls and Pilates falls in and out of fashion. But when it comes to exercise habits, Americans say they prefer to stick to what’s simple, solo and short. Nearly 75 percent of 1,200 adults, aged 24 to 44, questioned in an online survey about exercise habits said they worked out at least once a week and 77 percent prefer to do it alone. Running was the most popular type of exercise followed by lifting weights and biking/hiking/outdoor activities, according to the survey by the watch company Timex.