The New York Times — Obama selects health policy advocate as surgeon general
President Obama nominated Dr. Vivek H. Murthy, an early supporter and grass-roots advocate for the Affordable Care Act, as surgeon general on Thursday.

Los Angeles Times — Obama acts to ease health insurance plan cancellations
President Obama’s plan to help millions of consumers facing health insurance cancellations calmed Democrats on Capitol Hill on Thursday even as its practical effect appeared unclear. The decision could give some consumers who like their health plans the chance to keep them into 2015, allowing the president to say he honored his pledge that his health law would not force Americans to give up their coverage.

San Francisco ChronicleHealth care signups: California outpaces US
In the first month after the Affordable Care Act went into effect, Californians accounted for about a third of those who signed up nationwide, according to numbers released Wednesday. The rate of enrollment in the state-run health exchange also increased in November, with more than 24,000 additional signups in the past two weeks.

Los Angeles Times Labor, business groups oppose LA city health department measure
Labor, business groups and medical organizations have banded together in opposition to a measure by a prominent AIDS healthcare group that would force the city of Los Angeles to cut ties with the county’s health department and start up a health agency of its own.

The Washington Post E-cigarettes gain attention in schools amid rise in popularity
When a teacher noticed what looked like smoke rising in her Eastern Middle School classroom one day this fall, she quickly investigated, finding an eighth-grade boy holding an e-cigarette. The “smoke” was vapor, but for Casey B. Crouse, principal at the Silver Spring school, the episode was the first signal of what she would learn is a troubling teen trend nationally: An increasing number of students using electronic devices that simulate tobacco smoking.

The Salt Lake Tribune — Davis County focuses on improving residents’ health
Davis County health agencies and community organizations have set their top priorities: Preventing suicide, battling obesity, providing access to mental health services and improving air quality. The decision stems from the findings of the Community Health Status Assessment, a report released in the summer that showed while Davis County is the sixth healthiest county in Utah, improvements are needed.