The 2014 National Public Health Week Twitter Chat made public health, specifically the hashtag #NPHWchat, one of the nation’s most talked-about subjects. Photo by APHA

We set out to make public health a conversation for all-comers. By the time it was over the 2014 National Public Health Week Twitter Chat took over the country.

Thanks to a new audience of business leaders, health providers and policymakers — along with the standard bearers in public health advocacy — the #NPHWchat hashtag became a top nationwide trend during the 90-minute chat.

“You can imagine how excited we were to see public health create e-pandemonium,” said Daniel Greenberg, APHA senior communications specialist and chat organizer. “What was really cool was to see all the new faces enter the discussion. It was a conscious decision on our end to engage people who want to make themselves and their communities healthy — even if it’s not written in their business models.”

Overall the chat included 1,099 participants and generated 5,339 tweets. #NPHWchat was the top non-promoted hashtag during the event, surpassing the day’s other trends including famed wrestler “The Ultimate Warrior” and NCAA men’s basketball star Joel Embiid.

The fourth-annual chat brought new names such as Aetna, General Electric, CNN, ABC News Chief Medical Officer Richard Besser and Snap Fitness. Other prominent tweeters included the Johns Hopkins and Harvard Schools of Public Health, the American Medical Association and a range of federal agencies including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Office of the Surgeon General and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Continue the Twitter conversation during National Public Health Week by using the hashtag #NPHW.

Here are just a few of the great captured tweets during the chat: