Rachel McMonagleToday’s guest blogger is Rachel McMonagle, climate change program manager for APHA’s Center for Climate, Health and Equity.

With the threat of climate change increasingly urgent, APHA’s Center for Climate, Health and Equity is sharing opportunities to learn from leaders in the field at the upcoming APHA 2019 Annual Meeting and Expo in Philadelphia.

On Sunday, Nov. 3, the center is hosting its annual, invite-only Climate Changes Health Roundtable. This year’s theme is energy justice and will give participants a chance to explore topics that often go undiscussed in traditional climate and health conversations. Attendees will also get updates on APHA’s climate change and health strategic plan, help identify opportunities that intersect with energy justice issues and discuss a path forward for 2020.

On Monday, Nov. 4, the center is sponsoring back-to-back sessions. “Emerging Leaders: Climate & Health Equity,” session 3009, will spotlight four leaders who are addressing climate change and health equity with fresh, engaging approaches. “Climate and Health Adaptation: What is Being Done and How Do We Know What Works? Examples from Around the United States,” session 3118, will highlight guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and feature examples from health departments in California, New York, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Climate and health will take the big stage on Tuesday, Nov. 5, with “Harnessing Climate Change and Health Assessments to Achieve Health Equity,” session 4122, which will also be webcast via APHA Live. The session will host the authors of major national and international climate assessments, who will provide brief overviews of report findings, especially with respect to equity and at-risk populations. Presenters will explore how the information can best be used to foster actions that reduce inequities at the community level.

Of course, those are only a small sampling of the many Annual Meeting sessions that will zero in on climate and health. Other notable sessions include “Celebrating Milestones in Climate and Health: A Federal Town Hall,” session 300, on Nov. 3; “Schools as Shelters: The Impacts of Severe Weather Events on Public Schools and their Communities,” session 3137.1, on Nov. 4; and “Protecting Our Children: Climate Change, Children’s Health and Equity,” session 4356, on Nov. 5.

APHA’s Annual Meeting is also a time to celebrate public health achievements. APHA’s Center for Climate, Health and Equity will honor leaders and innovators in the field with its Excellence in Climate Leadership Awards. The honors will be presented during the APHA Intersectional Council Meeting and APHA Council of Affiliates Awards Reception, both of which will be held Nov. 2.

To browse through all of the climate sessions at this year’s APHA Annual Meeting, visit the online program.