The New York Times – The hidden drug epidemic among elder people

While news reports focus on an epidemic of opioid abuse among young adults, another totally legal and usually hidden drug epidemic is occurring at the other end of the age spectrum: the fistfuls of remedies taken by older adults.

Associated Press – US proposes new rules to increase organ transplant

The U.S. government proposed new rules Tuesday to increase organ transplants — steps to make it easier for the living to donate and to make sure that organs from the deceased don’t go to waste.

Kaiser Health News – Despite quick fixes, Kaiser Permanente mental health care still lags

After years of state sanctions and fines, Kaiser Permanente claims it has gone a long way toward improving its mental health care. 

STAT News – A controversial dwarfism drug, after clearing pivotal study, heads to the FDA

A treatment for the most common cause of dwarfism met its goal of increasing height in a pivotal study, the drug’s maker said Monday, setting the stage for Food and Drug Administration approval.

NPR – Government extends open enrollment for ACA health plans, but only for 36 hours

Sunday was supposed to be the final deadline to enroll in health coverage for 2020 on, the federal marketplace for buying individual health insurance. But website glitches — that may have caused enrollment problems — prompted an outcry, and the government restarted enrollment Monday.