The New York Times - E-Cigarettes Went Unchecked in 10 Years of Federal Inaction 

A decade after Congress gave the F.D.A. the power to regulate tobacco products like e-cigarettes, the federal government has repeatedly delayed or weakened efforts that could have protected teenagers. 

Reuters - Repeat concussions declining in U.S. high school sports

While concussion rates remain higher among U.S. high school students playing football than among those playing other sports, a new study also suggests these brain injuries are becoming less common in football practices and repeat concussions are happening less often in all sports.

The Hill - New study: Full-scale 'Medicare for All' costs $32 trillion over 10 year 

A new study finds that a full-scale single-payer health insurance program, also called "Medicare for All," would cost about $32 trillion over 10 years. 

Associated Press - Increased number of STDs in Hawaii linked to online dating 

An increase in sexually transmitted diseases in Hawaii to the highest numbers reported in decades can be linked to the prevalence of online dating, officials said.

NPR - 'Queer Gym' Empowers LGBTQ+ Clients, both Physically and Mentally 

Physical trainer Justice Williams says going to a gym can be an awkward experience for many people, but that vulnerability is amplified when your body or mannerisms don't conform to people's interpretation of how you should be. He started a pop-up gym where people can work out if they're in the LGBTQ+ community and don't feel comfortable in regular gyms.