Wall Street Journal – U.S. holds on to measles elimination status
The end to New York’s measles outbreak means that the U.S. has maintained its measles elimination status, which it earned in 2000. The U.S. would have lost its status if cases of domestic transmission had persisted for more than a year after New York’s outbreak began.

The New York Times – Australia just had a bad flu season. That may be a warning for the U.S.
Australia had an unusually early and fairly severe flu season this year. Since that may foretell a serious outbreak on its way in the United States, public health experts now are urging Americans to get their flu shots as soon as possible.

Associated Press – California OKs allowing pharmacists to dispense HIV prevention meds
Pharmacists in California will be able to dispense HIV prevention pills to patients without a doctor’s prescription after Gov. Gavin Newsom signed legislation Monday aimed at reducing the spread of infection.

The Nation’s Health – Climate change is harming children’s health – and it’s going to get worse
The Nation’s Health podcast explores how climate change harms the world's children and how public health professionals can work toward solutions.

The Hill – Walgreens to halt sale of e-cigarettes in stores
Investigations by health officials and increasing regulations sparked the decision to remove the e-cigarette products from the chain’s more than 9,500 stores. 

The Guardian – 250 million children worldwide forecast to be obese by 2030
Childhood obesity is rising worldwide as the relentless marketing of junk foods reaches around the globe and governments do too little to protect their children’s health.