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June 17 news: AAP measles report, Trump health care plan, marijuana and opioids, mental health and conflict, CVS tobacco

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March 15 news: Measles warning, listeriosis, opioids in prison, black cancer matters

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AAP’s Steve Krug talks infant health and emergency preparedness

AAP’s Steve Krug talks infant health and emergency preparedness

National Infant Immunization Week is from April 20 – 27, focusing on improving the health of children 2 years old or younger. Immunizations can protect infants from 14 preventable diseases, including chickenpox, measles and the flu.

AAP launches ‘Put kids first’ campaign as Congress debates gun violence

Put kids first — that’s what the American Academy of Pediatrics is saying, and tweeting, to help raise awareness to gun violence.

Health groups urge Hollywood to adopt R-rating for films depicting tobacco use

The image of cigarette-smoking James Dean in “Rebel Without a Cause” popularized tobacco use among youths. More than 50 years later, research shows that tobacco has become increasingly visible on the silver screen, making smoking seem more enticing, particularly for young people.