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June 28 news: Supreme Court protects abortion access, screening for suicide risk, Zika funding slows in the Senate

Check out today's public health news on Tuesday, June 28, 2016.

Feb. 16 news: 3D body parts, Baltimore health disparities, heart burn and dementia

Check out today's public health news on Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2016.
APHA’s Benjamin discusses disparities at The Atlantic Health Forum

APHA’s Benjamin discusses disparities at The Atlantic Health Forum

While we've seen improvements under the Affordable Care Act, health disparities persist. Health leaders and policymakers took up the conversation during The Atlantic Health Forum yesterday in Washington, D.C.

Movement for health equity spurs action nationwide: Tackling disparities

Differences in the quality of jobs, access to health care, transportation, education and environment put many people at a disadvantage right from the start of their lives, and those disadvantages eventually lead to shorter, less healthful lives.

NALBOH celebrates 20 years, public health leadership key to future

The National Association of Local Boards of Health is celebrating its 20th anniversary at its annual conference, now underway in Atlanta.

View from abroad: Time for US to learn from global public health community

Deborah Klein Walker is a vice president and senior fellow at Abt Associates, and former APHA president Walker attended the 13th World Congress on Public Health, held April 23-27 in Ethiopia. She reflects on the meeting and discusses leading challenges in global public health and what is needed to achieve health equity for all.

Study: Poor urban areas have higher rates of traffic injuries

Significantly more road traffic injuries occur in poor urban areas compared with wealthier areas, indicates a study recently published in the American Journal of Public Health.

April is Minority Health Month, focuses on eliminating health disparities

Throughout the month of April, National Minority Health Month, the public health community will raise awareness about the need to eliminate health disparities among minority populations across the U.S. This observance coincides with National Public Health Week.

Study: Doctor’s attitude about race may influence patient visit

Clinicians’ attitudes about race are associated with markers of poor communication during patient visits and poor ratings, particularly among black patients, reports a new study published yesterday in the American Journal of Public Health.
Honoring a lifetime of leadership: A Q&A with David Satcher

Honoring a lifetime of leadership: A Q&A with David Satcher

Former Surgeon General David Satcher joined the company of public health luminaries when he was awarded APHA's highest honor last year. Hear what lessons he's learned during a lifetime of public health leadership, his outlook on prevention and his advice for those aspiring to a career in the field.

Health departments called upon to put their best health policy forward

Whether it’s strengthening tobacco control policies or ensuring a community is prepared for a health emergency, public health departments, at the state, territorial, local, and tribal level, play vital roles implementing sound public health policy. Health departments are the backbone of a strong, effective public health system and integral to ensuring lifesaving public health policy...

Health-care exchanges, Indian Health Care, tying the knot

Many states grapple with getting insurance exchanges operational by the health-care law's deadline of Jan. 1, 2012. India tries to improve its public health system. A recent study from the American Journal of Public Health discusses how legalising same-sex marriage may create a healthier enivonrment for gay men, evidenced by a decline in doctor visits....