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Earth Day is April 22: How are you celebrating?

A local cupcake store in New Jersey is donating 10 percent of its sales to local environmental centers. The Glen Ellyn Park District outside of Chicago is organizing a clean-up day. Even the U.S. Postal Service is holding events to recognize Earth Day.

Partnership Council to create unified voice on environmental health

A group of environmental and public health leaders has come together to address environmental health challenges and bring a unified voice and leadership to the field.

Health concerns of ‘fracking’ drawing increased attention

Energy independence has become a popular catchphrase, and efforts to achieve it have led companies to hydraulic fracturing. While "fracking" offers hope for a robust domestic supply of energy, it may come at a cost to health. Read more from this story as reported in the March 2012 issue of The Nation's Health.

Webinar: Public health vital to climate change adaptation

APHA and the CDC have been supporting a webinar series to better equip state and local public health professionals with the latest knowledge and research on climate change. The first of two webinars this year, held last week, focused on the crucial role of climate change policy in helping the public health community prepare for...

Power plants are top emitters of greenhouse gases

A new tool released Wednesday by EPA shows that power plants are by far the nation’s largest stationary source of emissions contributing to climate change. The tool makes public for the first time greenhouse gas emissions data searchable across industry from more than 6,700 facilities.

Bike commuting, a win-win for health and environment

Every time someone substitutes a short car trip, less than five miles, with a bike commute, that person plays an important role in improving the air quality of that city, according to a recent study published in Environmental Health Perspectives.

New video illustrates health impact of the environment throughout history

Illustrating the tremendous impact the environment has on health, APHA’s Environment Section has produced a new short film that presents a historical overview of public and environmental health in the U.S. over the past century.

EPA’s Jackson thanks APHA for environmental health work

APHA won praise from EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson during her visit Friday with APHA leaders and staff in advance of the 2011 Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.

APHA visits the White House

APHA leaders were invited to the White House Friday in recognition of the Association's commitment to environmental health.

HHS, EPA collaborate on environment and health

Poor air quality is unequivocally linked to poor health. There is overwhelming evidence that air pollution can cause asthma and heart attacks, harm those suffering from respiratory illness and in some cases lead to death. And it’s also a huge economic cost for the country. It is estimated that exposure to air pollution and...

Report questions process, not science behind EPA climate regs

A report out Wednesday finds that EPA skirted procedures when developing its recent greenhouse gas emissions ruling that concludes that greenhouse gas pollution is a threat to human health. The report did not, however, question the science behind the regulations.

Tracking conference addresses chemical exposure, public health links

Leaders from the environmental health workforce are convening in Atlanta this week for CDC's National Environmental Public Health Tracking Conference to help improve understanding of how chemical exposures affect the public’s health.