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July 5 news: Hepatitis A, Alzheimer’s and dementia linked to vascular disease, overdose antidote stigma

Check out today's public health news on Tuesday, July 5, 2016.

March 3 news: Pregnancy rates, Head Start program in Flint, sleep study

Check out today's public health news on Thursday, March 3, 2016.
'One Key Question' to revolutionize reproductive, public health

‘One Key Question’ to revolutionize reproductive, public health

A public health movement in Oregon — where doctors query every woman of reproductive age — could make women and families healthier across the nation. It's called "One Key Question."

A ‘condomology’ lesson

The facts about condom use show that most sexually active people use them incorrectly, if at all. Two-thirds of sex acts among single adults don’t involve a condom. Experts say these problems are easily solvable.

National Campaign takes new approach to reach young women

The National Campaign has teamed up with the Ad Council to develop a mobile program called Bedsider that provides young women ages 18-24 with information on birth control methods and guidance on using it consistently. Coined as a “free support network for birth control,” the new site allows young women to explore available methods of...