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Gun violence prevention an important topic during Men's Health Month

Gun violence prevention an important topic during Men’s Health Month

Recent school shootings and Men's Health Month observance have brought gun violence prevention into the national spotlight.

Poll: Do preventive screenings save money?

Poll: What do you think? Should companies incentivize preventive screenings for their employees?

ACA ‘navigators’ to improve access to care

To ensure the Affordable Care Act's Navigator program improves access to care for all Americans, the American Public Health Association submitted comments this week on the proposed rule outlining new standards for Navigators and other assistance personnel.

Movement for health equity spurs action nationwide: Tackling disparities

Differences in the quality of jobs, access to health care, transportation, education and environment put many people at a disadvantage right from the start of their lives, and those disadvantages eventually lead to shorter, less healthful lives.

IOM report: When prevention is necessary

Prevention is the foundation of public health. Achieving it, however, “requires investments with benefits that might not be realized for many years,” says a new study from an Institute of Medicine committee.

‘Drug Czar’ Kerlikowske promotes October prevention initiatives

October is a big month for the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy and its “drug czar,” Director R. Gil Kerlikowske.

New infographic illustrates public health impact

APHA recently published an infographic that illustrates how investments in public health and prevention funding can provide a major return on investment measured in both lives and money saved.

Mammography bus makes stop in D.C.

The first mobile 3-D mammography bus parked its wheels outside the U.S. Capitol building today to showcase major technological advancements being made to help catch the disease at its earliest stages, when it’s easier and less costly to treat.

Take our poll: New ACA ads on preventive services

New TV ads promoting preventive health services established under the Affordable Care Act are generating major buzz on both side of the aisle. What's your reaction to the ads?

Study: Paid sick leave helps prevent work-related injuries

According to new research published in the American Journal of Public Health, workers with access to paid sick leave were 28 percent less likely to suffer nonfatal occupational injuries than workers without access to paid sick leave.

Today’s news: Obama vs. Romney, fast food, diabetes

President Obama and Republican rival Mitt Romney speak candidly on Affordable Care Act; public health prevention is more effective than heart disease cure, according to one study; and is even once a week too much fast food? Those stories and more topping public health headlines today, Friday, July 6, 2012.
In historic decision, High Court upholds Affordable Care Act

In historic decision, High Court upholds Affordable Care Act

In the most widely anticipated decision of its term and one of the most significant health care rulings in more than a century, the Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the Affordable Care Act, a signature legislative achievement of the Obama administration designed to fundamentally shift the nation’s health system away from treatment towards prevention.