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Health departments called upon to put their best health policy forward

Whether it’s strengthening tobacco control policies or ensuring a community is prepared for a health emergency, public health departments, at the state, territorial, local, and tribal level, play vital roles implementing sound public health policy. Health departments are the backbone of a strong, effective public health system and integral to ensuring lifesaving public health policy...

World AIDS Day, childhood vaccines, hospitals and workforce projections

Today Obama renews U.S. commitment to endings AIDS, in observation of World AIDS Day. Debate over Medicare anti-obesity treatment plans continue. New projections related to health care and industry hospital jobs from Kaiser Health News. This and more in today's headlines, December 1, 2011.

Budget cuts, job losses continue to undermine local public health

A survey of nearly 700 local health departments shows that more than half have cut services in the first six months of 2011, continuing a troubling trend that has seen local health departments shed 34,400 jobs — roughly one-fifth of their workforce — since 2008.

EPA: Green jobs good for health, economy

This week, the Environmental Protection Agency awarded $6.2 million in workforce development and join training grants.

Want to be Certified in Public Health?

It's an exciting and critical time to be a public health professional. Now more than ever, public health professionals are called on to meet the increasing demands and health challenges that are facing communities across the country.
Why health reform can’t succeed without public health

Why health reform can’t succeed without public health

The year-old health reform law takes important steps to reorient the nation’s health system toward disease prevention and health promotion. But achieving the goals of the sweeping health measure is at risk without sustained, adequate investment in the public health workforce, says a new report from APHA.

Paid sick days for low-wage workers

The country’s first statewide paid sick days law for low-wage workers was recently approved by the legislature in Connecticut.