Staying active can be a challenge, especially when the everyday demands of life get in the way. APHA’s four-month Keep It Moving Challenge has made it easier for people to stay motivated and be active together. Woman walks with child in the woods for Keep It Moving Challenge

Launched in January, the free challenge has allowed people across the U.S. to form virtual teams and track their activity. Beside steps, participants can record activity playing tennis, kayaking, gardening, dancing, doing yoga and more. The Keep It Moving Challenge runs through April 9, the last day of National Public Health Week.

With nearly 2,500 teams this year, the challenge has more than doubled since 2022. As of Monday, participants had logged more than 761 million steps, which equals about 339,000 miles. That’s the equivalent of walking around the globe more than 13 times!

The top team on the leaderboard at the start of the week was COPE Kansas, whose members had an average of 2 million steps each. Hot on their heels was TruGrit, followed by the Walking on Sunshine Team, Dual Coast Steppers and Turtle Mountain Healthy Living Coalition. Challenge teams and participants are eligible for prizes, which APHA will announce in April.

Keep it moving and keep up the great work!