logo, National Public Health WeekAPHA is celebrating 25 years of organizing National Public Health Week with a bright new logo.

“It’s dynamic, it’s fresh and it shows community, which is what NPHW is all about,” Lindsey Wahowiak, APHA’s director of Affiliate affairs and NPHW lead, told Public Health Newswire.

NPHW supporters are encouraged to download the logo and start using it now. The logo can be used on social media, websites, event materials and more. It also can be used to update existing materials that have the old NPHW logo.

Created by Abdul Abdulgader, APHA graphic designer, the logo reflects the role of public health in helping all people live a long and healthy life. To communicate that message, he used bold lines and color choices and “strategically grouped the chosen shapes together to create a sense of community and harmony.”

“It was vital to capture a wide range of people and to convey energy and excitement,” Abdulgader said.

Be sure to use the new logo in all of your activities and promotions.