logo, National Public Health WeekEach day of National Public Health Week, we’ll highlight a public health topic that’s critical to creating the healthiest nation.

Check out our new fact pages on the seven NPHW daily themes. We share the latest science and provide ideas for action. You may even find some inspiration for your NPHW events.

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Monday, April 6: Mental health — Advocate for and promote emotional well-being.

Tuesday, April 7: Maternal and child health — Ensure the health of mothers and babies throughout the lifespan.

Wednesday, April 8: Violence prevention — Reduce personal and community violence to improve health.

Thursday, April 9: Environmental health — Help protect and maintain a healthy planet.

Friday, April 10: Education — Advocate for quality education and schools.

Saturday, April 11: Healthy housing — Ensure access to affordable and safe housing.

Sunday, April 12: Economics — Advocate for economic empowerment as the key to a healthy life.