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April 30 news: Measles, drug resistant infections, autism screening, Ebola, chronic fatigue

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April 12 news: Kratom deaths, autism data, NYC mandatory vaccines, Ebola, hand sanitizer

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Feb. 28. news: HIV progress stalled, prenatal vitamins, Facebook anti-vaxxers, Bill Jenkins, antibiotics

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April 27 news: Infant mortality in Africa, vegetarian diet, opioid funding, needle exchange in WV, US climate

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April 2 news: National Public Health Week, vaping in schools, folic acid and autism, blood pressure and miscarriage, NIH alcohol funding

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March 27 news: Vaccination among autistic children, hepatitis C testing, e-cigarettes and quitting, end TB

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July 12 news: gun control legislation, autism diagnoses, winter weather and the common cold

Check out today's public health news on Tuesday, July 12, 2016.

April 2 news: Kids and fast food ads, DC bikeshare, World Autism Day

Check out the latest in public health news for Wednesday, April 2, 2014.

Aug. 16 news: Autism, sexual health, mental illness

CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics reports declining oral sex numbers in teens; people with blood type O may be less likely to get heart disease, according to study; and what are fair portrayals of mental illness victims? Read these and other health stories headlining public news on Thursday, Aug. 16, 2012.

Today’s news: rise in autism, impressions from Supreme Court health law case, risks of sedentary lifestyles

According to recently reported national rates, autism is on the rise again, which may be a reflection of better screening and diagnosis; following the conclusion of the three day hearings, comments on the Supreme Court health care case; and added incentive to get up and move, as new study reports too much sitting increases the...