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Nov. 13 news: Legionnaires’, birth-control mandate, pollution and osteoporosis

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March 2 news: Diet and breast cancer link, birth control failure rates drop, opioid crisis in Maryland

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June 22 news: U.S. health care spending cut under ACA, birth control apps, measles in Miami

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Sept. 11 news: Black women walking program, FDA and food safety, school-based health centers

Check out the latest in public health news for Friday, Sept. 11, 2015.

June 8 news: Birth control history, kids and violence, Beijing smoking

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Jan. 8 news: Binge drinking, birth control, antibiotic resistance

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Aug. 20 news: West Nile virus, male birth control, salmonella

Rain slows prevention of West Nile virus in Dallas County, which has reported 242 cases and 10 deaths from the mosquito-borne condition; JQ1 studied as a possible male birth control pill; and HIV tests may make HIV testing common practice. Read these and other stories headlining public health news on Monday, Aug. 20, 2012.

Prescription for Plan B still required for younger girls

The Obama administration on Wednesday rebuffed a request by the Food and Drug Administration to ease restrictions of Plan B One-Step that would allow girls under 17 to purchase the emergency contraception directly from drug stores without a prescription.

National Campaign takes new approach to reach young women

The National Campaign has teamed up with the Ad Council to develop a mobile program called Bedsider that provides young women ages 18-24 with information on birth control methods and guidance on using it consistently. Coined as a “free support network for birth control,” the new site allows young women to explore available methods of...