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Nov. 14 news: HHS Secretary pick, blood pressure guidelines, hepatitis C in San Francisco, soda consumption down

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September 12 news: New census health insurance data, sitting and shorter life span, San Diego hepatitis outbreak, Irma recovery

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August 29 news: Hurricane Harvey’s threat to public health, deadly San Diego hepatitis A outbreak, West Nile in Mississippi

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July 27 news: Hepatitis C in children, menopause and aging, transgender identity may be declassified as mental disorder

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July 5 news: Hepatitis A, Alzheimer’s and dementia linked to vascular disease, overdose antidote stigma

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May 5 news: California raises tobacco purchase age, Hepatitis C deaths, federal grants for Michigan health centers

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World Hepatitis Day supports one in 12 infected people worldwide

While the International AIDS Conference generated well-deserved attention this week, World Hepatitis Day pays homage to a health pandemic that receives significantly less attention. Saturday, July 28, marks the fifth global commemoration of an often silent but severe disease.

Today is World Hepatitis Day

World Hepatitis Day is an opportunity to recognize viral hepatitis as a major global health problem and to focus on strategies such as strengthening prevention, screening and control, among others. This day also honors the man who discovered the hepatitis B virus in 1967, and later developed an effective vaccine.