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Ebola updates: Eliminated in Nigeria and Senegal, US response efforts

Today, the World Health Organization announced on Twitter that Nigeria is free of Ebola, with 42 days — the disease’s incubation period is up to 21 days — having passed since its last confirmed case. On Friday, WHO declared the outbreak over in Senegal.
APHA releases new edition of renowned infectious disease manual

APHA releases new edition of renowned infectious disease manual

The 20th edition of APHA's Control of Communicable Diseases Manual is a key resource for public health professionals fighting infectious disease.
The Nation's Health: Health workers put themselves at risk for Ebola while saving lives

The Nation’s Health: Health workers put themselves at risk for Ebola while saving lives

Find out more about the challenges health workers face in fighting the West African Ebola outbreak in The Nation's Health, APHA's newspaper.

Feb. 14 news: California soda warning labels, teen tanning, infectious disease threats

Check out the latest in public health news for Friday, February, 14, 2014.

IOM conference: Public health key to stemming infectious disease

Public health and medical research accentuate each other’s strengths, health leaders concurred at a conference hosted by the Institute of Medicine on Tuesday that looked at progress made against infectious disease.

West Nile virus epidemic grows, Texas reports half of US cases

The number of cases of West Nile virus has grown dramatically in recent weeks and public health experts suggest that if the trend continues, this year’s outbreak may rank among the largest in U.S. history.

CDC confirms over 100 new cases of H3N2v influenza this week

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported today that a number of new cases of an H3N2 variant strain of influenza A have been confirmed in four states, believed to be the result of contact between humans and pigs, mostly occurring at county or state fairs.
Cuba reveals lessons for public health delegation

Cuba reveals lessons for public health delegation

With longer life expectancy and lower infant mortality than the U.S., Cuba’s health system recently offered a visiting APHA delegation new perspective. Photo courtesy Patrick Johnson

Groups: New antibiotics needed to head off “super bug” crisis

Concerned about the growing threat of antibiotic-resistant “super bugs,” a coalition of more than 50 organizations is urging Congress to repair the research and development pipeline for new antibiotics.

Want to spread the love? Send a “Get Ready” Valentine’s Day e-card

Forget the flowers. Instead, on this Valentine’s Day, send your sweetheart a “Get Ready” Valentine’s Day e-card. Created by APHA’s Get Ready campaign, these special e-cards are an innovative way to encourage you and your loved ones to prepare for an emergency.

Students use video to discuss importance of emergency preparedness

With an eye for filmmaking and a good sense of what it takes to be prepared for disasters, three lucky students this week were selected winners of APHA’s Get Ready emergency preparedness national video contest.

Cantaloupe-linked listeria outbreak expected to grow

Tainted cantaloupes appear to be the cause of a deadly outbreak of foodborne illness that has killed at least 13 people and sickened 72 in 18 states. The number of cases is expected to rise.