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Poll: Can ‘smart guns’ reduce gun violence?

High rates of gun violence in the U.S. dwarf those in almost all developed nations.

Poll: Do preventive screenings save money?

Poll: What do you think? Should companies incentivize preventive screenings for their employees?

Take our poll: Does meningitis outbreak call for more public health funding?

As of Oct. 17, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirms a total of 247 illnesses and 19 deaths caused by the meningitis outbreak. Investigators have now widened their focus to other drugs manufactured by the New England Compounding Center (Mass.), the source of the original steroid medication that allegedly caused the outbreak.

Take our poll: Health topics up for debate

What health topic would you like to see the candidates address during the presidential debates?

Take our poll: What does it take to become prepared?

Do you think it takes surviving a natural disaster to galvanize a city to become more prepared?

Take our poll: New ACA ads on preventive services

New TV ads promoting preventive health services established under the Affordable Care Act are generating major buzz on both side of the aisle. What's your reaction to the ads?