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'Prevention Diaries': A Q&A with Prevention Institute's Larry Cohen

‘Prevention Diaries’: A Q&A with Prevention Institute’s Larry Cohen

In his latest book, Larry Cohen explores the aspects of daily life that influence our health and argues that a prevention approach offers many common-sense solutions that save lives and money, and reduce suffering.

3 steps to stronger prevention funding

U.S. citizens from coast to coast recognize the importance of the Prevention and Public Health Fund. However, the sequester — which has already slashed $51 million from the law set in place by the Affordable Care Act — puts the fund in great danger in years to come.

Is prevention a smart investment? You bet

We all know the key to a smart investment is a good rate of return. It’s a rule of thumb that Congress and the administration have taken to heart in the passage of the Affordable Care Act, adopting the get-the-most-bang-for-your-buck principle to help Americans care for their health in the same way they care for...