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APHA, safety advocates decry transportation bill

APHA, safety advocates decry transportation bill

Last week the Senate Commerce Committee passed the Comprehensive Transportation and Consumer Protection Act, which was incorporated into the larger transportation reauthorization legislation.
APHA, partners share active transportation mission with Congress

APHA, partners share active transportation mission with Congress

The cost of inactivity in the U.S. is high, from chronic conditions such as obesity to rising health care costs.
Community Transformation Grants creating a culture of health

Community Transformation Grants creating a culture of health

Learn how Community Transformation Grants are bringing unprecedented systemic changes to community health through transportation improvements, disease prevention programs and healthy food initiatives since the historic passage of the Affordable Care Act three years ago.

Crash deaths increase as states lag in adopting highway safety laws

A new report shows states are falling behind in adopting 15 basic traffic safety laws amid an increase in highway crash deaths.

Drowsy driving is dangerous, prevalent

Do you ever drive when you feel sleepy? Did you know how dangerous this is?

Report: Public health professionals are vital to safe transportation

Transportation influences the well-being of Americans every day. However, many don’t know the impact they can have in making commuting safer, cleaner and healthier.

Transportation programs promote active communities, reduced obesity

The increasing role of transportation and number of fast food restaurants in America are both leading to obesity, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Webinar: Transportation options promote better health outcomes

Health impact assessments and improved and more accessible transportation options can reduce health inequities and produce a higher quality of well-being, according to presentations in an APHA webinar Wednesday.
Kids switch gears to celebrate National Bike to School Day

Kids switch gears to celebrate National Bike to School Day

Ditching their cars and opting for bicycles instead, parents and their children are participating today in National Bike to School Day. New polling data show a majority of Americans support increased federal funding for sidewalks, bike lanes and bike paths.

Cultural norms, safety laws key to reducing motor vehicle injuries

When it comes to following traffic safety laws, Jeffery Michael, associate administrator at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, contends that people “aren’t changing their behaviors because they are afraid of a fine. They are changing their behaviors because the law is a statement of community expectations."

APHA member bikes across America for safe routes

Jane Ward, APHA member and cycling enthusiast, is turning a personal pastime into a public cause. Ward, a physician and public health advocate, along with two of her daughters and a family friend have set off on a 5,500-mile cross-country bike ride to support safe routes across America.

Leading the way for safer routes to school

For nearly all of the students in the Flint School District in Michigan, the safe, healthy choice is also the easiest one. Students there forgo the big yellow bus and take to the sidewalks to get to school. This week, 10 schools in the district received grant money to make pedestrian safety improvements...