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National Women’s Health Week: Find out how you can be healthy

National Women’s Health Week: Find out how you can be healthy

Find out how Miss Universe, Dear Abby, a WNBA star and the co-founder of “The Foundation to Increase Awesome” are supporting National Women’s Health Week.
Supreme Court: ‘Closely held’ employers can limit access to contraceptive coverage

Supreme Court: ‘Closely held’ employers can limit access to contraceptive coverage

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that "closely held" corporations can limit employee access to key women’s contraceptive coverage as defined by the ACA.

AJPH research helps spark defense of women in Congo

Amidst a humanitarian crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where women and girls have been primary victims of civil strife and war, comes a ray of hope.
Carter hosts global health online chat

Carter hosts global health online chat

After engaging APHA's Google+ public health community during the past week, former President Jimmy Carter hosted a live video chat on global health on the social media platform.

Women gain preventive health benefits today under health reform law

Women gain free access to a range of preventive health services, including contraceptives, screenings and well-woman visits, thanks to provisions in the Affordable Care Act that take effect today.

Women’s Health Initiative: 10 years after breakthrough finding

As an expert panel described Monday at the George Washington University Hospital, the Women’s Health Initiative — a study created by the Department of Health and Human Services in 1991 to research major health problems in older women — created a firestorm 10 years ago and has been questioned ever since.

Global campaign takes aim at health hazards of cookstoves

Inefficient cookstoves are linked to 2 million yearly deaths worldwide and pose a public health threat to the world’s poorest people, particularly low-income women and children. Read how global health advocates are working for solutions in a story from the March 2012 issue of The Nation's Health newspaper.

Scare tactic health ads, sickness on US cruise ships, sugar — the new drug

New York City health department defends its use of scare tactics in latest health ads, aimed at changing health behaviors. A third U.S.-based cruise ship experienced an outbreak of stomach illness among passengers. A recent study finds rate of child abuse higher that SIDS, yet doesn't receive the same attention. National Wear Red Day aimed...

Free preventive care, HPV vaccine, children on health insurance rolls

Health care overhaul says free preventive care, but still issues with actual implementation, so best to ask doctor first. Why get the HPV vaccine? Certain brand of failing artificial hips leading to high costs. All this and more topping today's public health headlines, Wednesday, December 28, 2011.

Female drivers at greater risk of injury, says new study

Female drivers experience greater vulnerabilities when involved in motor vehicle crashes, according to a new study published online yesterday in the American Journal of Public Health. Researchers say the lack of tailoring of safety designs toward women may be to blame.

Headlines: Challenges to health care law, listeria outbreak and PTSD among returning soldiers

The Supreme Court asked to rule on health care law. New findings regarding health insurance costs. Food safety concerns: Health officials say as many as 16 people have died from possible listeria illnesses traced to Colorado cantaloupes. All this and more in today's headlines, Thursday, Sept. 29, 2011.

Insurance plans may have to offer free birth control, HIV tests

The Institute of Medicine convened a group of specialists that recommends specific preventive services for women, such as free contraception, be included under the healthcare reform law. Among others, panel also recommends free coverage for gestational diabetes screening tests; domestic violence screening and counseling; and breastfeeding counseling and supplies.